Who We Are

CHiL is a partnership of faculty, affiliated researchers and collaborators, and students that create a dynamic synergy for the study of historical landscapes.



James Newhard, Director
Interests/Specializations: Aegean Prehistory, Late Antique/early Medieval eastern Mediterranean societies, Landscape Studies, Mediterranean Archaeology, Resiliency, Geospatial Modeling, Lithic Analysis

R. Grant Gilmore III, Director of Historic Preservation and Community Planning
Interests/Specializations: Comparative Colonial Archaeology and Architecture, artifact analyses (statistical, chemical etc.), Public Archaeology, Heritage Management, African Diaspora, Caribbean Landscapes, and Geographic Information Systems.

M. Scott Harris, Director of Archaeology
Interests/Specializations: Coastal Plain and Continental Shelf Stratigraphy, Seafloor Mapping, Landscape Evolution, Geoarchaeology, Habitat Delineation

Maureen Hays, Professor of Anthropology
Interests/Specializations: Old World Archaeology, Prehistoric Art and Archaeological Methods, Prehistoric Hunters and Gatherers, Microscopic Lithic Usewear Analysis, Early Lowcountry Euroamerican Settlement

Norm Levine, Director of the SC GIS Lab and the Hazards Center
Interests/Specializations: Surficial Processes, Natural and Environmental Hazards, Geoarcheaology, Geospatial Informatics and Visualizations

Tara Prakash, Assistant Professor of Ancient Art
Interests/Specializations: Ancient Egypt, ethnicity and identity, representations of 'other'

Peter Piccione, Associate Professor of History
Interests/Specializations: Ancient Egypt, the Near Ease, Nubia, and Cush; landscape archaeology; archaeological survey; satellite remote sensing; differential GPS mapping; and GIS

Hayden Smith, Instructor of History
Interests/Specializations: Southeastern US colonial and antebellum history; 18th-19th century rice cultivation in the Carolina Lowcountry; human and environmental interactions.

Allison Sterrett-Krause, Assistant Professor of Classics
Interests/Specializations: Art and architecture of Greece and Rome; ancient topography and urban development; ancient technology and craft production; Roman social history; Roman North Africa; gender in antiquity.

James Ward, Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation
Interests/Specializations: Landscape studies and preservation, Southeastern US Historical Archaeology


Research Affiliates and External Collaborators
Hugh Elton, Professor of Classics and History, Trent University
Interests/Specializations: Late Roman warfare, GIS applications in archaeology, ancient logistics 
Joanna Gilmore, CHiL Research Affiliate
Interests/Specializations: African diaspora, hidden histories, community archaeology, museum interpretations/exhibition
John Haldon, Emeritus Professor of History, Princeton University
Interests/Specializations: Byzantine and environmental history
La'Sheia Oubre', CHiL Research Affiliate
Interests/Specializations: Descendant communities, public history
Eric Poplin, Brockington and Associates
Interests/Specializations: Cultural Resource Management, Southeastern US historic and prehistoric archaeology