Students Studying Roman Glass in the Center for Social Science Research

Student involvement is a critical element within CHiL. Students engage within the Center's research mission as co-collaborators with faculty, research assistants/interns, or as part of a larger collaborative team on ongoing projects.

CHiL research assistants include:

Kaarin Pidge (Archaeology/Classics): Human Landscape Classification of the Epidauria, Greece

Carolyn Dorey (Archaeology/Classics): Environmental Landscape Classification of the Epidauria, Greece

Allie Davis (Archaeology/Classics): Optimization of Intensive Field Reconnaissance Methods

Dylan Wolters (Archaeology/Classics): AQUATERRA 2.1: Optimization of Walking Algorithms and the Development of Decision Trees

Molly Van Ostran (Archaeology/Anthropology): Digital Cartography and Data Archiving for the Avkat Archaeological Project

Leah Bancheri (Historic Preservation & Community Planning): Historical Archives Research on the Properties of Landgrave Edmund Bellinger